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Dinopark in Romania: The land where dinosaurs….and kids roam

As the name so clearly states, Dinopark is a park where you can enter the mesmerizing world of Jurassic. This exciting place can be found in Romania, in Rasnov town, near Brasov City. The whole area is a touristic area, so you can have a lot of fun also visiting nearby attractions like The Bran Castle, The Rasnov Fortress, The Rasnov Cave, Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary or The Black Church in Brasov City. Surprises in the Dinopark The Dinopark is situated in the mountain area so you can admire the dinosaurs placed between the trees, under the bushes and up...

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3 great vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Bucharest

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants are pretty easy to find in Bucharest as this city is rapidly adopting a more vegetarian lifestyle even though Romanian people traditionally have a meat based diet. But thanks to globalisation, things are about to change. So, for all you travelers who are looking for a vegan feast you are welcome to try one of the vegan restaurants listed below.

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Bucharest in one creative image

Bucharest is one interesting city. You can do lots of stuff and never get bored – from having fun in the old city to shopping in great malls, one can spend some quality time in the capital of Romania.