Romanian Halloween

The Halloween in Romania is celebrated also on 31st of October, but it is only done so because of globalisation. Romania assumed this eerie celebration, but it isn’t “hers”.

Here, in Romania, the true Halloween is on the 30th of November, when the orthodox church celebrates Saint Andrew. It is a holiday truly respected by the elders and all those who are keeping the spirit of Romanian traditions from the beginning of time.


The Tragedy Which Turned the Romanian Halloween Into a Nightmare

Romanian Halloween

Eerie customs on Romanian Halloween

Here is a list of traditions that Romanians are keeping every year, especially those who live in the country, in ancestral settlements or in small villages:

  • – It is believed that Saint Andrew makes the line between the living and the dead disappear
  • – People use smashed garlic to cover the door arches and the windows so that the ghouls will not enter the house
  • – Many scatter bread crumbs in their yard in belief that the evil spirits will have something to eat outside and will not enter the home
  • – Also, for protection, some will lit candles near all their icons in the house so the power of God will banish the ghouls
  • – The animals must also be protected from evil spirits. This is why, on this special day, people put holy water and holy basil in their food
  • – Some will bury a big chunk of salt in the stables. This will be dug op in April and will be given to the animals to eat
  • – People say that, on this day, that wolves begin to speak and those who hear them will find out terrible secrets
  • – All the mugs and glasses are put facing down so that the evil spirits won’t find a place to hide in them
  • – It is also said that a man or woman who had feasted for the past three days can go in the graveyard with holy water and silver coins and find out the most terrible secrets. There will be a ritual above the graves of people who are believed to have known certain secrets while they were alive. It is said that the ritual is used also for those who were murdered and no one discovered who did it.


Dreaming of your future beloved on the most frightening night of the year, the Romanian Halloween

There are a few rituals widely spread in Romania that are to be done on the night of Saint Andrew by unmarried girls. It goes like this: At midnight, in front of the stove (coal pot), the girl will takeĀ  a new clay bowl and put it upside down. Then, the girl will put on it three burning coals and some holy basil. After that, the maiden will chant some magic words calling her true love.

Some girls just put some holy basil under their pillow. It is said that the man they will dream in that night is their true love and they will marry that man.

Other girls will try to see their true love in the mirror. For that, at midnight, one will stay naked between two mirrors facing each other holding a candle in each hand. After a while, the face of their beloved will show up in the mirrors.




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