Romanian Superstitions

Romanian Superstitions

Romania’s cultural heritage is one of the most important factors that make this country so special. Through the ages, the people of Romania created and kept a great sum of amazing traditions and customs. Some of the superstitions below can also be found in other cultures, but some are quite unique.


Here are some Romanian superstitions:

– Don’t let a black cat cut you off. This means bad luck. If such thing would happen you should take three steps behind and make the sign of the cross. However, if the cat is walking towards you or you own a black cat then that means good luck

Don’t ever eat or stay in the corner of a table. You may never get married

Don’t pass under a ladder. It is bad luck

– If someone is sewing something that you are wearing you should hold a piece of thread in your mouth so he or she “won’t knit your mind/thoughts”

– If you break a mirror you’ll have 7 years of bad luck, according to Romanian superstitions

– If your nose itches you will be spanked

Romanian Superstitions

– If you have hiccups someone is gossiping behind your back

– If your right hand itches you are giving money. If your left hand itches you are going to receive money

– If you spill salt or pepper on the table you are going to have a fight

– If the groom drops the wedding ring the wedding is cursed

Children are not allowed to look in the mirror until they are one year old because they can curse themselves

– A pregnant woman must not steal. Otherwise her baby will have a visible birthmark

– The ladybugs bring luck

– It is a bad omen to see an owl during the day

Romanian Superstitions

Crows are a bad sign

– A bird knocking on the window might mean death

– Don’t walk with only one shoe on. This might mean a death in the family

– Don’t let your shoes crossed after you get them off. This means bad luck

– If you find horseshoe you are lucky

Don’t open an umbrella inside the house. It means bad luck

– You can’t whistle inside the house. This will bring poverty upon you

– You always must offer an uneven number of flowers. The even number is used only when you bring flowers to the cemetery

Don’t take the garbage out after dark. It means that you are throwing away your wealth

– Knock on wood for “God forbid”




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