Have you ever fancied going back in time and live like a Transylvanian count or countess? Then, my dear friend, you are in great luck. You can now travel back in time and live the luxuries of past centuries and feel the Transylvanian nature in its raw form.

The Mikes Castle found in the core of the Zabola estate lies in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, on the borders of the Transylvanian area. This outstanding property spreads over vast areas of Carpathian Mountains and forests. The Estate stretches over 50 hectares of landscape “painted by the skilled hand” of the last 600 years.


Sleep like a Transylvanian Count

Depending on your budget, availability and the size of your group you can choose to stay in one of the amazing rooms of the Zabola estate:

The Dobrica Hunting Lodge

Dobrica hunting lodge at zabola transylvanian castle

The Old Saddle House

Transilvanya castle

The Brick Room

Sleep like a Transylvanian Count

The Red Room


The Green Room


The Yellow Room


The Orange Room


The Beam Room


The Garden Room


The Hunter’s Room


The Garden House


Relax like a Transylvanian Count

On the Zabola Property there is no wasted time. With the help of the estate employees, you can go deer stalking, bear watching and bird watching. You can also go on hiking tours in the area or you can jingle the bells with a horse sleigh through the forest.

However, if you want to have the full experience, the owners have some surprises in their sleeve also known as activity packages. You can choose to have a romantic weekend with: luxurious wines, romantic walks, candle dinners, picnic in the park and sleigh riding into the woods. You can also have a gentleman’s escape with: drinks, cricket or klootschieten games, sauna in the woods, Horse Carriage Tour and wild life stalking and watching.


You can celebrate anything you want at the Zabola Estate as long as you request in advance. You can choose an Easter Package, Mother’s day package, Christmas Package or you can even plan your wedding on this dreamland.


Eat like a Transylvanian Count

On the Zabola Property, the guests are welcome with bio foods brought from the nearby village or from the castle’s stock. You will be served traditional food and will be able to pick your drink from a wide range of fine wines and other alcoholic beverages.


When, where, how much


The Zabola Estate is near the Covasna town on the eastern side of Transylvania. The road is in good shape and it leads you to the property’s gates. The prices are good. One night there can have an approximate price of 90 euros.

The Tourist in Romania Team recommends this place for an exquisite stay. Live like a Transylvanian count.


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