Going on vacation may not always be easy since there are so many things to keep in mind. Most travelers are aware of the most basic recommendations such as purchasing local SIM cards or using low-battery smartphone modes during a long flight. However, the advancement of software technologies regularly presents new ways to make your trips more enjoyable and comfortable. The following 10 apps will allow you to boost your planning effectiveness, save money, and have more fun during your journeys.

  1. Citymapper

This app allows you to track public transport in any popular city making it easy to plan any route for a city tour on foot or a bicycle trip. This way, you can calculate the time necessary to travel between your areas of interest and avoid the need for a taxi.

  1. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo may be a more suitable route planning app for car travellers since it works in the offline mode and provides information about traffic jams.

  1. XE Currency

This free app allows you to quickly calculate relevant conversion rates for any part of the world in both online and offline modes. Knowing if a certain currency exchange point offers a good or a bad rate is always good for planning your trip budget.

  1. Trabee

One of the most widespread trip planning problems is spending $50 per meal in fashionable restaurants during the first days of your journey and eating ramen to make ends meet by its end. Trabee allows you to track all your expenses in any local currency and see if an extra taxi transfer is going to stress your trip budget.

  1. WiFi Map

Being offline in a new city is never a good option. If your SIM card loses the connection, WiFi Map can show you free Wi-Fi spots as well as the passwords for closed spots shared by other app users.

  1. uPackingList

This app combines two primary instruments used by experienced travellers, namely a to-pack list and a to-do list. Taking care of business has never been so easy.

  1. HotsGo

When you have set your mind upon the key milestones of your trip, the next step is to optimise its route. HotsGo allows you to jot down all details including locations to visit, approximate expenses, and daily plans. Afterwards, it provides suggestions on how to optimising your movements.

  1. Triposo

This free app contains recommendations regarding the best sights, museums, souvenir shops, and national cuisine restaurants left by thousands of users. You only need to type in your location of interest and get hundreds of new ideas.

  1. SeatGuru

SeatGuru shows you the seat maps for more than 140 airlines allowing you to choose the best seats for any plane model. It also provides status alerts in real-time to keep you updated about any departure delays or cancelled flights.

  1. First Aid by British Red Cross

Unfortunately, not all trips are moonlight and roses and some of them may go horribly wrong. These may be the most valuable 49 megabytes of data stored on your device since this app shows you what to do in the case of any emergency or health condition to help yourself or your fellow travellers. It does not require an internet connection and may literally save your life.

No two trips are alike since every person is unique in terms of personal preferences and habits. Some travellers are attracted to ancient historical sites such as the fortress of Dracula while others enjoy the nightlife of the vibrant Bucharest. However, most of us share the same needs during our travels, which are addressed by the solutions analysed above. Make sure that you also have a power bank and a cheap backup smartphone with you at all times to get bonus safety points.

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