Let’s go through Romania’s most romantic region…

Transylvania, one of the greatest medieval hubs for winter holidays, is situated at the central Romania. Its magnificent Carpathian Mountains, beautiful ancient cultural heritage will impress you a lot. There are many things to see and enjoy here. This is definitely the best place for sharing love with your partner. If you are looking for the first unforgettable winter spent together, pick Romania without doubt.

In turn, being single, find a couple, for example, online in advance or look for lonely wondering beautiful girls to warm you up on freezing winter holidays. In general, this city is magnificent. Why don’t you make sure on your own?

Anyone lucky enough to visit Transylvania with a date or a fiancée will find plenty to see and do. For a bit exploring and educational start, the city Sibiu is a must. Beautiful pictures of a loving couple with super ancient cathedrals, well-known Bridge of Lies and other fascinating sights as a background for your photos are taken for granted. The bridge, for instance, needs even more to be told. The old construction is one of the best preserved in the ancient center of the city. From the old times, it is said to be the place that defines whether you tell truth or lie. Another legend says that cheating merchants were often thrown off the bridge only several decades ago. And the last story says it was one of the best spots for young boys and girls to date privately. Well, whether you believe the gossips or not, we are sure it is better not to try to lie to your date on that bridge. Of course, if you don’t want the destiny of a merchant. We are not sure if it works, but we believe the sight is perfect for a honeymoon professional photo-shoot. That is why better grab your favorite photographer or a new Canon with you, so the trip would be truly unforgettable.

If you and your date are adventurous and fearless enough, you can also move to the next spot Sighisoara town. You are passionately in love with gothic style, enjoy creepy places with intriguing history, a fan of Dracula…There you go! It is better to enjoy the atmosphere in winter, which is to add a bit softness or vice versa harshness to the look of flaked buildings. What you hardly want is walking here at night. Yes, you will never experience more adrenaline, which will bring some drive, action into your relationships. There are a majority of hotels or hostels for you to stay in at night, for God’s sake! Anyway, Dracula is always on guard here.

You two can also go to the village of Viscre. This one will give what you are looking for anywhere during a trip in winter. Just imagine a cozy farmer’s house with a fireplace making crackling noises with tasty traditional food being served. Here you will understand that you need very little for happiness. Everything strikes with simplicity. That is exactly what we are searching for trying to run away from unnecessary noise and fast tempo of life. Sometimes you have to stop the time or even go back several centuries ago. If you feel the same, Viscri is the best for the two of you.

Actually, the perfect place to settle for a couple days after rough journeys in different corners of Transylvania is Brasov. The mixture of various styles is what you will observe in architecture here. However, still the true gem of this very city are the Carpathians or Transylvanian Alps as they are called here. Surrounded by high towering peaks of the mountains, Brasov has one of the best views of landscapes. Your friends’ Instagram notifications will keep popping up to your very arrival home.

Where there are the mountains, there are the forests. Let’s add something wild and secluded to the description. From national parks to the biggest, bear cemeteries. As you might have understood already, Transylvania is a very controversial city. If you wish to hike, there are plenty of ways to do that. Small villages will provide with delicious and rich local cuisine. Usually they have offer special atmospheric guesthouses the hosts of which would love to tell you some gossips, legends and, of course, the real history of this or that hill.

In general, Transylvania seems like a historical region that is half myth and half reality. What you hear there is a crowd of happy tourists, the smell of Christmas and all of that seasoned with a sense of magic brought by crisp winter air. And of course, you will evidently remember the taste of local wines and brandy, which is rather special as well. It is said that tales tend to come true in these places. We are not sure whether you’ll like it or not, whether Transylvania be a new page of your relationships or a wonderful fairy tale, but undoubtedly it would be a perfect holiday destination in winter.

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