Queen Marie's Crown

Queen Marie died in Peles Castle on 18 July 1938, 11 years after her husband’s death. She was buried next to her husband in the Monastery of Curtea de Arges. In accordance to her will, Queen Marie’s heart was kept in a cloister at the Balchik Palace (now in Bulgaria) which she had built. Queen Marie’s heart was covered with a double-faced flag (on one side the Romanian flag, and on the other side the English one). Covered in this way, the heart was put in a smaller silver box and then in a bigger one. In 1940, when Balchik and the rest of Southern Dobrudja were returned to Bulgaria, Queen Marie’s heart was transferred to Bran Castle.

Queen Marie's crown

Queen Marie’s heart in a shoebox

In 1968, Communist partisans defiled the marble sarcophagus in which the heart was preserved at the Bran Castle. Both silver coffers containing Queen Marie’s heart were transferred to Bucharest and were introduced into the custody of National Museum of Romanian History, as well as Queen Marie’s heart. The coffers and her crown (photo above) were transferred in 2013 at the Peles Castle. Her embalmed heart is still in the basement of the National Museum of Romanian History, in a dusty box. Asked about this matter, the members of the royal family say that they are working on convincing the Romanian authorities to take the heart out of the basement . However, nothing happened in the past 10 years. The heart is still in the museum’s storage, far from the reach of the people who want to honor the Queen’s memory.

Queen Marie of Romania

When, where, how much?

If you want to see an exhibition dedicated to Queen Marie, you should visit The Peles Castle which is located in Sinaia, at 142 kilometers from Bucharest (2 hours by car). You can find great accommodation there.

Peles Castle Romania

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