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Romania is currently in he middle of conflict regarding the dogs on the street. First of all, we, the editorial team of Tourist in Romania website, must state that we are part of the rescue mission of street dogs of Romania. We support adoption of any dog and we don’t think that euthanasia is a solution. We think that dogs shouldn’t be on the streets (for our protection and for their protection), but they shouldn’t be killed either. The only solution is the adoption and neutering.

As our readers were appalled with the horrors of Romanian public shelters, we want to clarify some things as to make our audience understand that Romania indeed has its share of cruel or stupid people as there are also kind and lovable people and rescuers.

Why there are/were so many dogs on the streets and where it all began

No one knows for sure where it all began, but is thought that the dog problem started in the communism era when people were banished from their homes. Often, their houses would have been demolished to make space for block apartments. Often, people would leave behind their animals as they moved in crowded cities. From then until a few years ago, the problem was not dealt with in any way. Dogs died on the streets ran over by cars or killed by diseases, thousands of people from all over the country arrived in hospital with bite wounds.

In 2013, a three year old boy was attacked by a pack of dogs. He died from bite wounds on the spot. As he was unsupervised when that happened, there is still a debate whether he was attacked by street dogs or some dogs trained for fighting. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter, as all the cities in Romania started a some sort of war against street dogs. Dog-catchers started roaming the streets and catching every dog they could – no matter if it was a pup, an aggressive dog, a small sized one, a mother with pups and so on.

The big problem

Unfortunately, every western country in this world has a public shelter system where feral dogs are kept for two weeks and then they are euthanized. Romania is the same. However, the difference is that here most of the public shelters are in really poor condition. They are cold, wet, full with viruses and bacteria and filthy. The dogs who have the luck to come out again come out more dead than alive. The other problem is that there are rumours that some public shelters are not euthanizing dogs properly and that they keep the substances for the black market while the dogs are killed in horrific ways. However, until now such practices haven’t been proven and also many rescuers supervised the public shelters to follow the procedures. However, we think that the big problem is that no matter how the shelters are, tho dogs end up dead anyway. So, keep in mind that the only solution is adoption.

The solution

The only solution for these poor dog is adoption. Unfortunately, in the big cities of Romania, there are many apartment blocks where having two dogs is more than enough. So, unfortunately, the adoption rate is really small against the killing rate. There are many many rescuers in Romania who are doing their best to save as many as they can even though the numbers are high.

There is also help from abroad, from NGOs in Great Britain, Finland, Germany, France and so on. However, more help is needed.

What is NOT the solution

There were people who stated that they would never visit Romania as a sign of boycott against the cruel treatment of animals. Sadly, I have a bad news. Our politicians don’t care. The dogs will be slaughtered with you coming here or not. But, we at “Tourist in Romania” think that it would far more efficient to come here, visit Romania and adopt a poor soul.

Our solution

We can help you. You come here, you choose one from the public shelter and we help you with the papers. If the papers aren’t ready until your departure, we can send you the dog afterwards with international transport.

Our work and rescue

Please don’t forget, Romanian people are nice people in general – kind, loving and supportive. Our politicians however are different. So don’t judge us based on the government’s decisions.

The Tourist in Romania editorial team has always cared about the dog problem. We saved many dogs from the streets. Unfortunately, our resources are limited and we can help just one at a time. We sponsor dogs from Gia Shelter.

And also, here is a collection of photos of dogs that now have a forever home with our help.

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