Spending Christmas in Romania can be a very interesting experience for a foreigner. The Christmas holiday is one of the most cherished on Carpathian grounds. This post, in particular, is about the most beautiful Christmas fair in Romania.

Inspired by the Viennese fair (and even organized by the Austrian Embassy in Romania),  the Christmas fair from Sibiu, a very interesting medieval town of Romania, is greatly praised for its ability to offer its guests a beautiful experience full of magic and traditions.

Imagine din Piata Mare si Targul de Craciun din Sibiu, marti, 14 decembrie 2010.

The fair is organized by Sibiu City Council in partnership with the Austria Pro Romania Foundation and the Embassy of Austria and it usually starts on the last week of November and lasts through the winter season’s holidays until after the New Year’s celebration.

Located in the Grand place of Sibiu, the Christmas fair is easy to reach.

As you stroll around the small houses selling hot wine and delicious cookies you can admire the view of snow, Christmas trees, decorated monuments and, of course, you can delight your ears with Christmas carols.

Christmas Fair in Sibiu, Romania

If you want to feel the true holiday spirit, spending Christmas in Romania is a fairly good choice, as Romanians really treasure this holiday. So, if you choose to come and spend a few days at the Christmas fair in Sibiu city, be sure you will have a good time, good wine, good food and happy jolly time.

Get to the Christmas Fair and try the local cuisine

On Christmas, Romanians are singing carols, drinking hot wine (spiced with cinnamon and orange) and eating traditional foods like:

“Sarmale” with sour cream and polenta (minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves with some sort of corn porridge)



Cozonac (a dessert dish like a pie with cocoa and nuts)


Racitura (meat jelly with garlic aroma)


You should try all the traditional dishes of Romania. After you visit the Christmas fair from Sibiu, you can go to any restaurant in town and try the local cuisine.

Sibiu is a touristic town located at the base of the Carpathian mountains and it is one of the most visited destinations in Romania during the winter. The cold mountain air and the holiday spirit combined make Sibiu a magical cozy place to spend the holidays, either you are an indoor tourist or an outdoor explorer.

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When, where, how much?

Sibiu is one of the most touristic cities of Romania and it is popular for its medieval past. It has its own airport and it is located at 279 kilometers (3h and 38 min, by car) from Bucharest, the capital of Romania.


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