Dracula Untold - The Truth

Dracula Untold is the most accurate movie ever made about the legend of Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler (or Vlad Tepes). You can watch the movie and safely imagine that if Vlad was indeed a vampire, then this would have been his story.

Dracula Untold - The Truth

Dracula Untold perfectly mixes the historical truth with the all so known legend. For all those vampire enthusiasts out there, this movie explains the historical context of Vlad the Impaler. This ruler has always been considered by the Romanian people a brave, fair king who actually loved his people.

So, to straighten things up, below, there are two lists. One shows all the true historical facts that the movie is accurately keeping and the second one presents all the elements of this movie that have no link, whatsoever , with the legend of Dracula:

The true facts of Dracula Untold:

  • – All the characters’ names in the movie are of Romanian origin. All the names from the movie are still used in Romania. The only one that is different is the name of Vlad’s son – “Ingeras” – this would mean “Little Angel” in Romanian.
  • – The story that opens the movie, about those boys tortured by the Turks and transformed into soldiers, is true. The Ottoman army was known for kidnapping or requesting young boys from all around the empire. All the young prisoners were raised to be soldiers. Vlad the Impaler and his brother were both raised by the Turks.
  • – Also, in the beginning, Vlad the Impaler is called “Son of the Dragon”. This fact is also true. Vlad’s Father, named Vlad Dracul, was member of the Dragon Order, a christian knight order meant to fight against the ottoman Turks.
  • – As shown in the movie, Vlad The Impaler was actually impaling his enemies to make a fear statement for all those who would be against him.
  • – In 1459, Vlad the Impaler refused to pay tribute to the Turks sparking a conflict
  • – Mehmet was indeed the sultan who led the Turks into conflict with Vlad’s army. It is also said that the sultan and Vlad knew each other since childhood as they had  trained to fight together in the heart of the Ottoman Empire.
  • – As the main character states, the name Dracula comes not from the Romanian word for devil (drac), but from the term Dragon (Vlad was, as his father, member of the Dragon Order). However, as dragons are not specific to Romanian culture, Romanian people named the Dragon Symbol as a Drac symbol without referring to the devil.
  • – Nobody knows where Vlad was buried, but some historians link his death to Cozia Monastery (as in the movie)
  • – To avoid being caught by the Turks, one of Vlad’s wives committed suicide by falling from the walls of Poenari Castle

Dracula Untold, the movie

The fantasy facts of Dracula Untold

  • – Vlad the Impaler had four sons and one daughter (not only one son like in the movie)
  • – Vlad the Impaler never was a ruler of the Transylvanian region but he was instead three times ruler of Wallachia, a wide region near Transylvania. For example, Bucharest, the capital of Romania, was in Wallachia in the times when Vlad ruled.
  • – The legend surrounding Vlad the Impaler doesn’t mention any cave and any deal made by the ruler with a demon
  • – The landscapes in the movie Dracula Untold are not from Transylvania, nor Romania as it matters, as the movie was filmed mostly in Ireland.
  • – A priest tells Vlad that there is a vampire in the cave. The term Vampire is much newer, from the XVIII-th century. However, it might also be an older term, but even so its origins would be in the Serbian language, not in the Greek language as the movie states.
  • – Vlad had three wives. None of them was named Mirena, as it is in this movie.
  • – At one point, a tarantula is shown. There were no tarantulas on the land where Vlad the Impaler lived.
  • – Neither Vlad’s castle, nor Cozia monastery don’t look as they look in the movie
  • – There was no ottoman tactic of fighting blindfolded
  • – None of Vlad’s son came to the throne after his death. It was Radu the Handsome who took the throne after the second and longest reign of Vlad. After Vlad took briefly the throne back in 1476, he was killed and then Basarab Laiota the Old briefly took the power.


Even though the real facts are kind of equal in number with the fantasy facts, Dracula Untold is the first movie, on the subject, that follows so many real story leads.


  1. nice to see some people actually respect vlad for his efforts to protect his empire . it is due to some fictional writer from ireland that vlad has a negative image all over. same goes for the emperor in my country India Alauddin khilji whose efforts to protect his empire were noteworthy but the difference is that people from my own country dont even respect him !!
    long live the emperor!!

  2. dracula untold is a infringement script lifted from a USA lib.of.congress 1995 Vlad Tepes. by gorja max’ Delano~Tomson a Huguenot. a Mayflower direct descendant of Mayflower Leader Francis Cooke that wrote and base Vlad Tepes : Love immortal C. 1995,
    From his own family tales of Captain John Smith (Pocahontas),and Huguenot General Francois Delano (De La Noye The iron arm ) a Breton, family of the Ceptain of the Valois Royals of franvce, and king henry Navarre, who serve to the Bathory. I copyright is the reason behind the problems with dracula untold. The Delano are a well know ancient family who also where victims of edicts of Nantes,witch hunt and succubus tales themselves.

  3. Dracula untold was a1995 original c.1995 written by Gorja Max DeLano-Tomson. A great grandson Framcios Cooke, maybe. John Smith and General François DeLano ( the iron arm . A Huguenot) served the Bayhory, House as the real Elizabethan Bathort Family was Protestant. Captain John Smith kill 3 Turk, it reflected in his coat of arm ,with 3 turbans upon a shield. So it is a stolen script, and UNI stolen a story the that caused a hault, as Roosevelt, Delano’s and Rockefeller’s are NBC.Uni, Teddy Roisevelt,,,night at the museum licensed from Delano or Roosellt family, Rockefeller Center. Abartration possible lawsuit,copy of Matt and cowriter had been placed under Uni/NBC as USA library of Congress, LLP Uni.NBC. only a shooing script, and final shot footage are register. Original script, works are under Vlad Tepes: Love Immortal. C
    1995. It is a thanksgiving story, ever blood line as a beginning,,, quote movies press, the blood is to the modern Delano’s, who similar are often portrayed as demon,succus,and with even in modern Goth, DeLano ate Capetian/ Valois Royal house of France and Bathory Cousins

  4. No. Go read about Janisaries, how they were raised. In the movie, they say that the children are beaten to dead until they have no consience. That system is explained completely wrong. Go do some research about ”Devsirme” the system which they take children from Balkans, and only from the poor families of villages, who can’t afford an education for their child, no kids from Palaces or Noble places were touched. Those children were given to selected Muslim families where they learned about Turkish traditions, culture and Islam. Then they were sent to the barracks. Among the most succesful ones from them, would come to succesful places in Ottoman Empire, like becoming personal guards for the Sultan. Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II was a very good tactician, and in the movie he is shown like an Arabic Mamluke, someone cocky, a tyrant. That Sultan conquered the city of Constantinople, with Howitzers and great cannons, which he even had a part in designing them. When he was 21. Vlad was a succesful, passionate and brave leader, but he was extremely cruel, that the first thing he did when he sent back to his country, was to execute, kill the Turks, Bulgars, and even Boyars who defied him. Yes, he build lots of fortresses, but he did that in best cruel way possible. Another false thing was the way they showed Turks. Ottoman Army back then was so diverse, it wasn’t only from Turks. And the way they show how Turks raid the castle is also wrong. Ottoman Empire, always sends a messenger to the castle they want to take, and orders them to surrender the castle that no civilian will get harm. If then they get a refuse, they start a siege on the castle. But never fire cannons on castle, cannons were only used to make holes in walls and to be used against hordes of enemies. For example Siege of Istanbul, when Mehmed II took the city, no civilians were touched, he even made Orthodox Christians to elect a patriarch who would represent them. Only if people rebelled and tried to take action would make them get killed. Ottoman Empire was very civilized and ahead of Medieval Europe back then. The Empire had so many people from many different nations. Those minorities had their own laws, their own rights to live their religion (but they have to pay jizya, which is tax taken from non-muslims) I couldn’t find many Turkish sources about Vlad, but I learned these from a Romanian professor. Next time keep your disgusting, inaccurate propaganga to yourself, and some actual god damn research, you might learn a thing or to

    • there are no records mentioning Vlad the Impaler making any reference to bats. Not even in the Romanian culture, bats aren’t such an icon

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