The caroling tradition goes a long way in Romania. In this country, caroling is one of the most well-kept traditions. The Romanian carols are quite different in tone and sound from the English carols we are all used to. But they have their charm. they came from hundreds of years ago and they mostly describe the Romanian Christmas traditions and spread the word about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Tourist in Romania made a compilation of Romanian carols so you can have a taste of Romanian Christmas, no matter how far away you are and what language you speak.

In Romania, the caroling custom goes way back to ancient times. In the rural areas of Romania, caroling has been the same for generations. Groups of talented people, dressed in traditional costumes, are going through the village, from door to door, spreading the good word of Jesus’s upcoming birth on Christmas Eve. The villagers are happy to listen to the carols and they repay the carolers with apples and bagels. Some will put some alcohol at stake and would serve the caroling guests a local drink named tuica (strong alcoholic drink made of plums or pears and some other fruits).

In the urban areas, however, things have changed a little bit. The caroling is left to the children, usually up to 15 years old. They go from door to door sounding the doorbell and asking “will you let us come in with our carols?”. And the host would answer yes or no. The carols sang are mainly the same with the ones sang in the rural areas. The difference is that, in the cities, the carolers are rewarded with money, not with apples, oranges or bagels. People in the cities give money on the Christmas Eve.

Here are some authentic traditional Romanian carols. We hope you enjoy them.



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