Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, marked Romania’s destiny in a twisted way. Admired, feared and despised altogether, the dictator couple led Romania through times of industrial development, but also through times of human misery and denial of culture or religion.

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Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu Romania

Sometimes, the Romanians remember fondly of communist era when having a house and a job were facts granted by the state. Other times, people remember with horror of the days when the grocery stores were empty and it was a great struggle to buy daily food. Nicolae Ceausescu has both fans, but there are also people who actually cried of happiness when he was shot. However, debatable as he may be, his wife was and is still despised by everybody. Some say that she was the one who actually made him take the wrong turns.

Ceausescu, the dictator who wanted financial independence and the people paid for it

As he got older, he became a megalomaniac dictator, ruthless and surrounded himself blindly by people who were trying to take advantage of his power. He started huge expensive constructions like The People’s House and he had this ambition to pay all Romania’s external debt. But all came with a great price. The people got poorer and their life became miserable. The Romanian people were starving, had no link to the world outside the Russian borders and had rationalized heat, gas and water into their homes. Above that, the secret service of the communist regime, named “Securitate”, was watching everybody’s moves and punished everything they considered to be a threat to the regime. Even a joke about Ceausescu and his wife was considered “a threat”.

Ceausescu execution  PHOTOGALLERY EXECUTION – The place where Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu   were shot – Visit the museum where the execution took place


Ceausescu's exhumed bodyNicolae Ceausescu’s grave. As crazy as it might sound, people do come here to mourn Romania’s former communist dictator – Explicit content

Some of the most interesting facts about the dictator

The communist regime in Romania was really strict and only now, after over 20 years from his execution, the secrets of Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu see the light. Here are 10 fun facts about Ceausescu family that you probably didn’t know:

1. Ceausescu studied only four years in his life – he went to elementary school. That was all of his education. In his teenage years, he worked as a shoemaker. Shortly after, as a young man, he got arrested and imprisoned for communist propaganda which was illegal at that time.

Tennage Ceausescu before becoming a dictator

2. It is said that Nicolae Ceausescu was really shy around women. At one time, in Africa, two topless dancers came to impress him but he couldn’t even look at them. Members of his staff say now that he was always serious-minded and only said one joke in all the time he was a dictator.

Ceausescu dictator

3. Elena Ceausescu was a very jealous woman and just couldn’t stand any other female presence near her husband.

Dictator couple at the beach

4. Nicolae Ceausescu used to fake hunting. His staff were feeding the bears with sleeping pills in honey before the hunting begun so that the dictator could shoot as many animals as he wanted. Also, it was forbidden for anyone to kill more bears or boars than the dictator.

Ceausescu dictator hunting

 5. Elena Ceausescu became a national renowned scientist while her husband was dictator of Romania. But everything was a hoax. In fact, she barely knew how to write.  She compelled other Romanian scientists to write scientific papers for her. At international science gatherings she used a translator who would give the right answers regardless of what stupidities she was saying.

Elena Ceausescu the dictator's wife

6. Ceausescu had a very balanced diet, he ate mostly vegetables and dairy products. He had precise meal hours and he didn’t drink any fizzy drinks. He hated chocolate. He didn’t smoke and he used to have a mid day nap…every day

Nicolae Ceausescu Romania dictator

7. Nicolae Ceausescu died singing the hymn of the communist countries.

8. His last words before being shot were: Long Live the Socialist Republic of Romania! History will revenge me!

Nicolae Ceausescu execution Romania

9.  At one moment, the cuple wanted to move their home in Peles Castle, the most beautiful palace of Romania. But the people taking care of the monument were afraid that the two will destroy the palace. So they started the rumor that there was a deadly fungus in the castle which was targeting humans. This was obviously not true, but the two believed it.

dictator Ceausescu

10. Ironically, all his life, Nicolae Ceausescu was afraid of being shot.

Ceausescu Family



  1. Pathetic article. You should rather write about his daughter who was an accomplished and well published mathematician. Or how he and his wife were shot for crimes they did not commit. Or better yet, just let it be.

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