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Romania is an amazing country. It has breathtaking landscapes, a lot of historical places, virgin forests and nice, modern beaches.

Romania offers a lot of travelling opportunities. You can climb mountains and also you can go to the seaside, you can explore forests and you can taste the local culture so well preserved in some areas. You can also enjoy big cities with explosive nightlife and you can taste home made wine or home made sour cherry brandy.

You can witness ancient rituals, visit the so called house of Dracula and visit rural communities preserved for hundred of years. Also, you can taste the joys of modern life with fashion stores, glamour parties and high-class clubs.

All in just one country: Romania. Also known as one of the safest countries of Europe. Check here.

  • Capital:  Bucharest
  • Total Area:  238,391 km2 (83rd) / 92,043 sq mi
  • Population:  19,511,000
  • Currency:  Romanian leu / plural: lei
  • Calling Code:  +40