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Where is Romania? Find out how to get to "Dracula's land"

You can find Romania in the southeastern part of Europe.

Romania’s neighbors are: Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and the Moldavian Republic.

Romania lies:
between latitudes 43°37’07″ and 48°15’06″ North and longitudes 20°15’44″ and 29°41’24″ East.
Romania extends approximately 300 miles North to South and 400 miles East to West.

The true beauty of Romania stands in its nature and in its magical landscapes.
The mountains represent 31% of Romania’s territory, hills and orchards are about 36% of the territory and the plains cover 335 of Romania. The areas covered by rivers and lakes is 3.7% and the total number of lakes is 3.500.

Romania is also divided in cultural and historical regions. These regions include multiple counties and they differentiate one from the other by some pronunciation particularities, some traditions, architecture and even food. Also, some distinguish themselves by the origin of the people living there, this being the consequence of the different occupations during the wars. For example, in the western part of Romania you will find many people with German origins.

Where is Romania and where is Transylvania

One of these regions, right in the middle of the country is Transylvania, also known as Dracula’s land. so, for those who don’t know, Transylvania is not a country, but e historical region of Romania. It lies in the center of the country and it is sourrounded by the Carpathian Mountains.

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How to get to Romania

Romania is a part of the European Union.

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This being said, it means that you can safely get to Romania by any means of transportation. Romania has modern airports and you can arrive by plane. You can also take the international train, or you can arrive by car or bus.

The only means of transportation that is somehow restricted by geographical reasons is the boat. Romania has access to the Black Sea and it is bordered by the great Danube River. This means that depending on the departure country, you can also get to Romania by boat. However, there are only a few options in this travelling area.