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We are the Tourist in Romania team. Nice to meet you!

We can help you have an awesome trip in Romania. Just tell us what you need and we will see what we can do for you.

Nightlife in Bucharest

Travel Consultancy in Romania

We can help you have the time of your life in Romania. We research, plan and book trips for you and your group. We arrange flights, hotels, guides, transfers and activities according to your specific requests.

Documentation / Research

Sometimes, not knowing the language of a country can make finding certain information difficult. You need something specific and you can’t find it on the Internet in English? Contact us and we will find it for you. Anything about Romania, locations, accommodation, special projects and events.

Guided tours

We can offer personalized tours on weekends anywhere you want. If you need someone to guide your trips and offer you a proper understanding of the places you visit, contact us and we will gladly help.

Funny facts about Romania

Traditional dinner

If you want to have a taste of the Romanian cuisine you can count on us. We are more than happy to welcome you and your friends into our homes in Bucharest and offer you a traditional dinner – food and drinks. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

Airport transportation

Depending on your time of arrival in Bucharest, we can offer you a ride to your hotel or the city center. In the car, you will receive a list of best places to visit, visiting tips and complementary Romanian pie.

Services Fees

We offer a wide range of services. The prices vary depending on your requests. This is why we invite you to detail your travel needs and we will send you a quote based on what we will do for you. The pay must be made in advance so that we can keep your reservations, but, don't worry, all is refundable. If you are not happy with our services you will receive your money back. We want to build a business partnership based on trust.

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