Fernando Castilho Cintra is one of the many tourists who found Romania interesting enough to visit it and to have a great time here. However, this tourist was really special. Beside the fact that he took interest in Romanian culture and people, he wrote a really interesting review, of his time here, on Facebook. His 60 funny facts about Romania have quickly become viral. So, for the sake of sharing his experience here in Romania with you guys, here is what he wrote:

“Exactly 1 month ago I was arriving in Brazil. So here it goes: 60 things I learned by living in Romania!

PS: Pay attention to what down here is a joke and what is not.

1 – Dracula is a vampire outside Romania.

2 – The same dude, Vlad Tepes, is a national hero.

3 – While vampires drink blood, the real red thing I loved to drink was Visinata.

4 – Another devilish drink is Tuica, Hungarians call it palinka, but it is the same thing.

Funny facts in Romania

5 – Most moldavians, muntenians and others have no idea what happens with Hungarians in Ardeal

6 – Romanians smoke an absurd amount of cigarettes. They smoke inside their houses, restaurants, and even shopping malls.

7 – Romanians always take of their shoes when entering home
8 – I believe Romanians prefer to keep their floor clean rather than their lungs.


“They have it all”


9 – Traveling in Romania is one of the best memories I have. Rivers, canyons, hills, mountains… They have it all

10 – While traveling in Romania you will go through Romanian roads. They are in good condition, but they have an absurd amount of curves.

11 – Also when traveling in Romania, you might want to pee. But worry not; there are so many houses by the side of the roads that it’s easier to end up in a bathroom than behind some bushes.

12 – Maramures is a happy place. Happy people, happy costumes, happy collors, even happy cemetery

13 – The only thing that isn’t happy in Maramures are shepherd dogs. They are not happy. They don’t like you. Run.




14 – In fact, unless you are inside a city, whenever you see a dog in Romania, run.

15 – Another tactic is to always carry mici with you. As I’m vegetarian, I wouldn’t mind giving mici to dogs.


Funny facts about Romania


16 – As a matter of fact, as a vegetarian in Romanian I can definitely say: Romanians love meat

17 – Sarmale, tocanita, slanina, carnati… you have it all, meat eaters.

18 – Romanians have soup every single day of their lives.

19 – Taxis in Romania are ridiculously cheap. In Bucharest they can cost as low as 1,29 per km.

20 – Another extremely easy way to go around is Hitchhiking. Romanians do it, and give it in return.

21 – Romanians also expect you to pay for giving you a ride. You can, of course say “nu am bani” before hopping in, but you can get a frustrated driver to shout “INCHIDE USA” at your sorry moneyless face. (true story)

22 – My favorite mean of transportation though was by inter-regio train. They are cheap, confortable, on time and often not crowded.

23 – However, you can end up inside a 12 hours train trip from suceava to Mures back from New Year’s holiday. Then you will know what “crowded” really means. (true story)

24 – Romanians love skiing.

25 – Skiing in Romania is absurdly cheap.

26 – It took me 3 full days to be taught how to ski. Skiing is not for Brazilians or tropical countries inhabitants.

Funny facts about Romania


27 – Once you learn, though, you will love it and open another door to my favorite part of Romania: Mountains

28 – Romania has the most beautiful scenarios I’ve seen so far in my life. All of them from mountain tops.

29 – Romanian mountains have incredibly well signed paths for hikers, cabanas for travelers to stay overnight and places for the more audacious to camp.

30 – By now you should have guessed that doing such a trip will be absurdly cheap.

31 – Interesting though is that many Romanians have never been to such mountains.

32 – Even more interesting is that Romanians will often overestimate some rather average places (e.g. Mamaia or Bucovina Monasteries) and underestimate awesome places (e.g. Bucharest).

33 – Bucharest is a great city. Sure it has no such architecture as Budapest, Krakow or other eastern European cities, but it has the museums, parks and nightlife that few others have

34 – People say there are many stray dogs in Bucharest.

35 – I had more dogs chasing me in any given day by bike that I had during a week in Bucharest.

36 – Truly, I didn’t see stray dogs in Bucharest.

37 – Romanian language is beautiful. It sounds beautiful and is achievable for Brazilians to learn

38 – “Cu carne de vaca nu se moare de foame”…. And my Google chrome translator thought I was writing in Portuguese.

39 – However, the most obscure part or Romanian language is Dativ.


41 – You can say “mi-e foame” “mi-e sete” “mi-e somn”….. but you can’t say “mi-e oboseala”.


43 – Romanians talk with their shoulders. Observe it! When someone says “pai, nu stiu…”.

44 – Follow the same exercise mentioned above and observe their mouths and the chin.

45 – Hungarians won’t admit, but they have THE Romanian accent. The way of saying “nu stiu” is the same of saying “nem tudom”

46 – My preferred way of practicing Romanian is with drivers that have me a ride by the road.

47 – They would often say what the hell am I doing in such a country if am Brazlian.

48 – These drivers didn’t know that Romanian healthcare system is great, it has a lower murder rate than Norway and is the fastest growing economy from eastern European countries.

49 – Generally Romanians complain about Romania. They will find a way to complain about it. Politics, economy, society…

50 – They are wrong.

51 – I learned what 4 seasons mean: Hot summers, cool autumns, cold winters and fresh springs.

52 – Romania has all the 4 seasons with two huge advantages from northern countries: In winters they have sun. In summer it’s not cloudy.

53 – Romania has a nice wildlife: Dears can be seen frequently, black goats can be seen on occasion (been there done that), bears and wolves are invisible.

54 – The closest we’ve been to a bear was its footprints

55 – Romanians are latin in language, but not as latin in blood.

56 – When you enter an office, you have to shake hands with the men but you just wave to the women.

57 – Romanians expected that me as a Brazilian would play football really well… Terrible mistake

58 – For months after the world cup I would hear “so, do you like Germany” from people. Go to hell…

59 – Most Romanians at their 18’s have two dreams in mind: 1 – Moving to the UK. 2- Moving to any other country that isn’t Romania.

60 – While Romanians dream to leave, I dream once I will come back.”


  1. I’m glad you liked my country 🙂 it is beautiful indeed and worth visiting.You should also visit Cheile Bicazului,a great place with amazing landscapes.We have also a great history,longer than Romans’ .Hope you’ll come back one day.Thank you for your words and btw as an 18 years old I can say that going to UK it is indeed my dream,but only as a tourist cause everywhere I go I never forget where I came from.I’ll always come back to my people.Too bad you didn’t taste our mici.. I hope you were treated nice,we’re really really nice people but sometimes you know.. :)) <– yep,this is The Romanian laugh lol

  2. […] Un tânăr din Brazilia care a petrecut mai mult timp în țara noastră și-a scris, la revenirea acasă, pe contul de Facebook, impresiile despre români și despre România. Tânărul se numește Fernando Castilho Cintra și redă, cu un umor fin, principalele trăsături – așa cum le-a remarcat el – ale țării și locuitorilor ei. Vezi lista celor 60 de lucruri amuzante despre România constatate de acesta:1. Din afara României, Dracula este un vampir; 2. Același bărbat, Vlad Țepeș, este un erou național; 3. În timp ce vampirii beau vin, adevăratul lucru roșu pe care l-am băut cu drag a fost vișinata. 4. O altă băutură diavolească este țuica, ungurii o numesc pălincă, dar este același lucru; 5. Cei mai mulți moldoveni, munteni și alții nu au nicio idee de ce se întâmplă cu ungurii din Ardeal; 6. Românii fumează o cantitate absurd de țigări. Fumeaza acasă, în restaurante și chiar și în mall-uri. 7. Românii își scot tot timpul încălțările înainte de a intra în casă; 8. Cred că românii preferă să mențina mai degrabă podelele curate decât plamânii; 9. Călătoriile din România sunt cele mai frumoase amintiri din viața mea: râuri, canioane, dealuri, munți – românii le au pe toate; 10. Drumurile din România sunt într-o condiție destul de bună, însă au un număr absurd de curbe; 11. De asemenea, când vrei să faci pipi – nu îți face probleme! Sunt atât de multe case pe marginea drumurilor încât va fi mai ușor să ajungi într-o baie decât într-un tufiș; 12. Maramureș este o zonă foarte veselă; oameni veseli, costume vesele, culori vesele… chiar și un cimitir vesel; 13. Singurii care nu sunt veseli in Maramures sunt cainii ciobanesti. Nu sunt deloc fericiti. Nu plac pe nimeni. Fugi cat de tare poti cand vezi vreunul. 14. De fapt, daca nu esti intr-un oras, de fiecare data cand vezi un caine in Romania, fugi! 15. O alta tactica ar fi sa ai tot timpul la tine mici. Si cum eu sunt vegetarian, nu ma suparam sa dau mici cainilor; 16. Vegetarian fiind, pot spune sigur ca romanii IUBESC carnea; 17. Sarmale, tocanita, slanina, carnati – aveti de toate, iubitori de carne; 18. Romanii mananca supa in fiecare zi a vietii lor; 19. Taxi-urile in Romania sunt ridicol de ieftine; 20. O alta modalitate usoara de a calatori este cu autostopul. Romanii o fac foarte des si returneaza favorul; 21. Romanii se asteapta sa le platesti cand faci autostopul. Bineinteles, poti spune „Nu am bani” cand urci in masina, dar poti da peste un sofer frustrat care sa tipe „INCHIDE USA” la sensibilul de tine (poveste adevarata); 22. Cel mai bun mod de a calatori in Romania, dupa parerea mea, este cu trenurile inter-regio. Sunt ieftine, confortabile, precise si, de obicei, destul de lejere (mai prinzi si trenuri aglomerate); 23. Totusi, poti ramane intr-un tren timp de 12 ore pe directia Suceava Mures, chiar in perioada Anului Nou. Atunci vei intelege ce inseamna „aglomerat” (poveste adevarata); 24. Romanii iubesc sa mearga la schi; 25. Schiatul in Romania este absurd de ieftin; 26. Am avut nevoie de trei zile pentru a invata sa schiez. Schiatul nu este pentru brazilieni sau locuitorii tarilor tropicale; 27. Insa odata ce ai invatat te vei indragosti de acest sport. Asa mi s-a deschis o noua usa catre partea mea preferata a Romaniei: MUNTII; 28. Romania are cele mai frumoase privelisti pe care le-am vazut pana acum in viata mea. Toate dintre ele sunt din varful muntilor; 29. Muntii din Romania au carari frumoase pentru excursionisti, cabane pentru calatori pentru a se caza peste noapte si locuri pentru cei mai indrazneti pentru a pune corturile; 30. Pana acum, ar fi trebuit sa ghiciti ca o calatorie in Romania este absurd de ieftina; 31. Interesant este ca foarte multi romani nu au urcat niciodata pe munte; 32. Ceea ce este si mai interesant este faptul ca, de cele mai multe ori, romanii supraestimeaza locuri simple precum Mamaia sau Manastirile din Bucovina si subestimeaza locuri minunate (ca exemplu – Bucuresti-ul); 33. Bucuresti este un oras minunat. Bineinteles ca nu are o arhitectura precum cele din Budapesta, Cracovia sau alte orase din Europa de Est, insa are muzee, parcuri si viata de noapte – ceea ce putine orase au; 34. Oamenii spun ca sunt foarte multi caini fara stapan in Bucuresti; 35. Sincer, am vazut mai multi caini alergandu-ma cand ma plimbam cu bicicleta decat am vazut intr-o saptamana in Bucuresti; 36. Nu am vazut foarte multi caini vagabonzi in Bucuresti; 37. Limba romana este frumoasa. Suna frumos si este usor pentru brazilieni sa o invete; 38. „Cu carne de vaca nu se poare de foame” – si Google translate a crezut ca scriu in portugheza; 39. Cu toate acestea, cea mai obscura parte a limbii romane este dativul; 40. AHHHH DATIVUUUUL; 41. Poti spune „Mi-e foame”, „mi-e sete”, „mi-e somn”, dar nu poti spune „mi-e oboseala”; 42. AAAAHHH DATIIIIIV!!!! 43. Romanii vorbesc cu umerii. Observati-i! Cand cineva spune „pai, nu stiu…”; 44. Urmati acelasi exercitiu de mai sus si fiti atenti la gurile lor si la barbie; 45. Ungurii nu vor recunoaste asta niciodata, dar au accent romanesc. Modul de a spune „Nu stiu” este acelasi lucru cu a spune „Nem tudom”; 46. Modul meu preferat de a imi exersa limba romana era cu soferii care ma luau cu autostopul; 47. De multe ori ma intrebau ce dracu fac intr-o astfel de tara daca sunt brazilian; 48. Acesti soferi nu stiau ca sistemul de sanatate romanesc este incredibil, ca aici exista o rata mai mica de omor decat in Norvegia si ca este tara cu cea mai rapida crestere a economiei din tarile est-europene; 49. In general, romanii se plang de Romania. Ei gasesc tot timpul sa se planga: politica, economia, societatea… 50. Aceasta gandire a lor este complet gresita; 51. Am invatat ce inseamna patru anotimpuri: veri calde, toamne reci, ierni reci si primaveri superbe; 52. Romania are toate cele patru anotimpuri, cu doua avantaje imense, spre deosebire de tarile nordice: iarna exista soare. Vara nu este innorat; 53. Romania are o fauna superba: vezi des caprioare, caprele negre sunt vazute ocazional, iar ursii si lupii sunt invizibili; 54. Odata am calcat pe urmele unui urs – atunci am fost cel mai aproape de el; 55. Romanii sunt latini in vorbire, insa nu sunt latini in sange; 56. Cand intri intr-un birou, trebuie sa dai mana cu barbatii si doar sa faci cu mana femeilor; 57. Romanii se asteptau ca eu, brazilian, sa joc fotbal foarte bine… GRESIT: 58. Chiar si la cateva luni dupa ce incheiase Cupa Mondiala, auzeam „Deci, iti place echipa germana”… Duceti-va dracu! 59. Cei mai multi romani de 18 ani au doar doua vise in minte: sa se mute in Anglia sau sa se mute in orice alta tara care nu este Romania; 60. In timp ce romanii viseaza sa plece, eu visez ca ma voi reintoarce candva.Sursa traducere: voceatransilvaniei.ro Sursa articol: touristinromania.net […]

  3. It’s funny to find out that most romanians want to move to the uk and me as a Brazilian would like to move to romania (or at least spend sometime there so I could become fluent in romanian). As they say “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

  4. Not having stray dogs is a recent improvement in big cities life (in about the last 1 year), as a result of many unfortunate events when people even lost their lives after being attacked by stray dogs. The last drop was having a 4 years child dying in the middle of the day, victim of stray dogs. Ever since then, measures were taken and they are no longer allowed freely on the street. That’s why maybe you didn’t come accros them. Otherwise, even 2-3 years ago the street of Bucharest even the central ones were full of stray dogs. Thank God is no longer the case!

  5. I am glad that you enjoyed romania and point to many of us the bright side. As for the rasists people, ignore them, unfortunately you can find stupid people everywhere.

  6. As a Romanian being a citizen of another country i miss my home country dearly. The last one about the 18 years olds made me cry…..Thank you dear brazilian guy for your kind words..very astute

  7. Something I absolutely hate about my country (and I’m sure this is something everyone who’s been here can agree with) is the motherfucking garbage. In most places we basically have no garbage collecting system, so people improvise: sometimes they make a big pile and burn it up (best day for lungs), other times they dig a ditch and dump all the garbage there (best day for nose) and other times (sadly happening where I live) they just dump it wherever the fuck they want. That’s right: there’s a beautiful artificial lake nearby that’s more trash than water. There’s a lot of trash all around the lake. There’s trash everywhere and it smells and looks horrible !

    • Se poate sa ai dreptate…insa, crede-ma, se poate si mai rau. Dupa o luna in Cairo (Egipt), Romania mi se pare extreeeeem de curata ^^

  8. Romania is wonderful and horrible at the same time… I am glad you enjoyed it. I miss it too and feel a strong link to it, but trust me, visiting and actually living there is not the same thing. I myself always have more problems with dogs in cities, especially Bucharest where I have had some scary encounters, but dogs in the countryside are healthier and can be good friends 🙂 The food, natural beauty, culture and old monuments are absolutely breathtaking. The misery and orphans sniffing glue in the subway tunnels is one of the worst things I have seen in my life. It’s complicated…

  9. The last fact, as a Romanian 18 year old who doesn’t want to leave his country, made me cry. Thank you so much for your kind words about our country!

  10. Și în stil tipic românesc când un străin ne laudă țara și oamenii se găsesc și câțiva care să-i bage pe gât viziunea lor înfrântă despre locul unde trăiesc. Un simplu “mulțumesc frumos și fii binevenit oricând” ar fi mai adecvat.

  11. I’m glad you liked it. I do like our mountains too, but I would trade you my 200 euros/month, my 40Celsius summers and my -20 Celsius winters, the nurses and doctors underpayed and not even looking at you if you come emptyhanded, the people always looking to trick you somehow to get more money, the parents who don’t give a damn about schooling their children, the teenagers that have the latest Iphone but don’t know how to speak their own language, most of the teachers with salaries so low they seem a joke to others that don’t care anymore about their students because they can’t afford to pay their bills, the politicians and yes, the stray dogs, because there are so many even a blind man can spot them, but I guess you need to be afraid to go to work because of them or to walk your baby in the park to see them. Romania is a beautiful place if you’re not living in it as a Romanian. I’m not speaking for the 5% that can afford to live well, to send their children to private schools and to visit the world. So, when you say Romanians complain a lot, just check to see if they are right or wrong from their point of view.

    • Corina. You are correct to some extent. Low salary is a problem but not everyone is suffering from that. Any evening you go to lipscani you will not experience people do not have money. Restaurants have fantastic business. All the malls are always full with people. People spend second highest about of money in EU to watch movies in theater, so many beauty parlors in the city but all are always busy, the quality of the garments people wearing are not really cheap, expensive foreign cars are so many that there is severe inadequate place to park, moderately expensive to very expensive private hospitals are always busy, you need to wait for the appointment etc. etc.etc. Honestly all Romanians are not poor. You can say poor in lack of high level of education with depth of knowledge, lack of future planning , lack of savings, lack of career oriented approach etc.

      Please differ if you disagree!

  12. I had an amazing laugh reading this. Thank you for making it sound so funny and not bad as most of my beloved Romanians do. Romania is a beautiful country and I am one of the few who don’t complain about it…. cuz I don’t leave there at the moment :))) But soon I’ll be back for traveling and exploring.

    5- LIE
    10- LIE, the roads are shit.
    11- LIE
    14- Don’t run, instead carry a big stick and prepare for a fight, or back away slowly (this never works).
    18- LIE
    22- LIE, the trains are NEVER on time!
    32- Bucharest is not awesome.
    34- There are, and they are dangerous.
    36- LIE
    48- LIE, if you have to go to the doctor in Romania go to a private clinic.
    59- LIE, some, not most.

    • Si exact din acest motiv, Romania nu o sa fie niciodata o tara luata in serios. A scris pentru prima data un strain ceva frumos despre tara noastra, cum o fii ea… Si cine se gaseste sa comenteze?…Tot Romanu…Nici America si nici Anglia nu sunt perfecte si au probleme lor, dar in schimb, la bine si la rau, sunt uniti. Noi?…Fii corect si sterge comentul tau, cu care sunt sigur ca multi dintre noi suntem deacord, dar nu are loc negativitate din partea noastra, in “singurul” articol BUN, despre tara noastra.

    • Auzi bai copile, numai matematica e obicectiva! Asta e perspectiva lui! Cat despre a ta, nu valoreaza nici cat a lui!
      Daca ai frustrari de provincial, e problema ta! Eu sunt bucurestean si in ciuda numeroaselor probleme ale orasului meu, inclusiv arhitectura, nu l-as da pentru niciun alt oras din tara! AM tot ce vreau aici (muzee, parcuri puse la punct, malluri, stadion, aeroport etc), la calitate foarte buna si cam la orice ora!
      Pe urma, tu conduci? Sau ai impresia ca in lume si drumurile comunale au banda de urgenta. Una e sa nu ai autostrazi, alta e sa spui ca “all roads are shit”!
      Pe la un spital public ai fost recent? Pun pariu ca nu, dar na, probabil ca iei stirile de la ora 5 ca fiind obiective si veridice, nu tendentioase.

      Asta e un mesaj pt toti frustratii: Scoateti-va capul dintre buci si asigurati-va ca sunteti bine documentati inainte sa dati cu bata in stanga si in dreapta!
      Daca nu va place Romania, puneti mana si schimbati lucrurile in bine, nu latrati ca e rau. E rau in primul rand din cauza nepasarii voastre!

  14. Here in the last lines you mistaken “rromanians” with romanians. The rromanians would refer to rromi/rroms (aka gypsies) that aren’t romanians, they’re just f***ing gypsies…

    • Babe, as much as rromi refers to their ethnic designation, they are by all standards of the law Romanian via citizenship/birth right, as you must very well be aware. Although I guess your disgusting display of racism (from what I have seen in Ro, representative of many ethnic romanians) is an indication of your utter lack of awareness, so perhaps this did not cross your mind.

  15. You made me feel like I’m missing a lot of great things about my country. Maybe I will see my country as you see it when I will be far away from it. :p And I’ll come visit.

    • The joke is actually on you, if you give it some thought. It’s rather surprising how most Romanians I ever met are this freaking racist. Nobody, in my 2 decades of living abroad from the US and Germany to Japan and China, seems to be bothered by such trivial details. They don’t know what the difference is, they don’t care what the difference is, and frankly, it really does not make a difference. Your indignation is laughable and only a symptom of your ignorance and reflective of how small minded you – and many others in this thread – actually are. It is also probably coming from a space of delusion – let me reiterate absolutely nobody gives a damn about any of these things outside of the tiny space you seem to mentally inhibit; it is only you who somehow believes you are important enough to any of these people for any of this to matter to anybody but yourself. In case you are wondering, what makes you and your opinions unpalatable is your lack of self confidence, lack of awareness, and paranoia (b/c why else would you even be preoccupied with such trivial details, and, maybe more important, expect others to know what the difference between writing romanians with one or two Rs is, and somehow infer that they would potentially use one over the other to attack you and your people, jokingly or not), not people somehow confusing you for a gypsy.

      • Clearly, considering the way you speak you are not from Romania and you haven’t encountered many gypsies. And perhaps you, just like them, clearly have NO idea what the difference is! So le’ me give ya some tips dude, because you are in the black, waay in the black. The village my grandparents used to live in (they moved few months ago precisely because of gypsies) has been populated in the last few decades by gypsies, lots of Romanians moving because of them as they kept moving in. OK, now to the main point…staying over summers with gypsy neighbours all around me (across the street, left right, every direction basically) is awful, to say the least. It means being mocked at for whatever reason, means going out on the street and seeing naked kids along with their 13 year old mother,means listening to manele until they drive you crazy (and you can’t even go and tell them to lower the volume a a bit, for you might come home beaten up pretty bad, and the same with the police), means having gypsy kids breaking into your back yard when you’re freaking there!!! without a shade of remorse (attempting to swear you and even mock you), means being afraid to leave the yard a considerable length of time cuz you might come back and your – mostly anything worth stealing – is gone most of the time. heck, once, a relative payed a visit, parked his car outside; it was dark, all of us were in the house and, when he wanted to leave, he noticed that they had stolen a part of the car, something near the engine (sorry, I don’t know car terms). The list goes on and on, but you wouldn’t know anyway. Of course, not everyone is like that (I’ve had some small talk with some of them, and I didn’t get mocked at, or cursed or whatever, surprisingly), though at least 90% are, but again, you wouldn’t know!!
        So, yeah, naturally, we romanians fcking make the difference between the two Rs!! Dunno, maybe you wouldn’t mind being labled as someone who does that and is, generally, uneducated. The joke is, to some extent, on you, actually. And, “It’s rather surprising how most Romanians I ever met are this freaking racist.”; “it really does not make a difference”?? Sorry to be rude, but GTFO, it’s NOT racism, it’s TRUTH, and personally, i have Nothing against them, as long as they mind their own business. Before you even begin to talk about our country and whether there is a difference between the 2 Rs, stay here for a while, encounter gypsies, get a feel of how they are, and then, brag about the lack of difference between rromanians and romanians. Sa ai o zi faina! 😉

        • domnie ma coptile, sa-ti ajute bunu dumniezo, ca insfarsit ai zis-o. prea sa cred americanii astia destepti. cum ai zis si tu, sa vina ei sa traiasca cu ” romii” sa vada cat ii de fain. mi-ai facut ziua mai buna. sanatate familiei. p.s. esti din ardeal?

      • Well, if you put it this way, yes, sounds bad. Really bad. But you need to know that only romanians have this problem. Roma ethnics are quite close to romanian. Calling them rromani was just a small favor that EU made in order to make a difference. As you may not want to be called gipsy, nor the romanins want that. Especially when the rate of infractionity is up to the roof among roma ethnics from romania. You sound ignorant, and I am not trying to offend you in any way. Please, before anything, try to find how the things are and keep in mind that life is not only in black and white.

  16. Glad to know that you liked Romania and you would also come back. There are so many people out there saying that romania sucks but you are obviously not one of them. Thank you for the nice words you shared with us and I hope people will change their minds about this country after reading this !

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