Romania is among the most beautiful countries in the world. It gets a lot of tourist and business visits thanks to the fantastic scenery. Whether it’s a beach you’re looking for or a forest environment, you’ll find it all in Romania. The rich culture and incredible social scene are among the many reasons people visit Romania. Its capital is Bucharest, which has some of the most beautiful hotels in Europe. Other towns such as Oradea, Măgura, Craiova, and Vişeu de Sus also have beautiful hotels. These hotels will offer not just the best amenities or services but importantly offer you a good night’s sleep. The mattress quality needs to be considered, and you can check out TryMattress for guidance. I have identified a list of 5 such excellent hotels in Romania that will be best to visit if you’re looking for the best rest.

1. Alpine Escape Studios
It’s rated among the top hotels in Măgura, with a view of the Piatra Craiului and Bucegi Mountains. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, private hotel parking, among other facilities. It rates well when it comes to location, cleanliness, and quality of service provided. When it comes to comfort, Alpine Escape Studios has also done an excellent job. Well-insulated rooms mean that as you sleep, you won’t be disturbed by your neighbors’ noises. The beds, on the other hand, are warm and have nice soft sheets. A comfy bed is necessary for a good night’s sleep, and that is what you’ll get here!

2. The Arlington Hotel
Located in Craiova, The Arlington Hotel rates among the best in that location. The rooms are beautifully designed, spacious, warm and comfortable. They have been fitted with big comfy beds and are clean. This hotel has an excellent customer service. Its location is quite silent which means that as you rest, you’ll not likely be disturbed. The hotel offers comfortable bed sheets, pillows and mattress which are also very clean and warm to ensure that you sleep comfortably.

3. Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest

This is a 5-star luxury hotel with beautiful amenities and excellent customer services. From a spa to a pool, they offer great facilities for guests. Its location too is terrific with a view of the Romanian Athenaeum, which is less than a 10-minute walk away. They offer infant beds and comfy beds. Extra beds are available should one be in need. The scenery is quite breathtaking and relaxing which does amazing things for your sleep. You get to enjoy your sleep on cozy beds with soft, warm and nice bed sheets.

4. Mirage Resort
Mirage Resort is found in Vişeu de Sus, Romania. Based on online reviews by other customers, this hotel rates above 9 with all it offers. Excellent free Wi-Fi, facilities, services, location, cleanliness and professional staff! The rooms are clean and spacious with very comfy beds. Their pillows are also fantastic. When going to a new place, comfort matters if you’re to get any sleep. Mirage Resort does an excellent job of providing a clean sleeping space, comfy beds and beautiful pillows which offer great support.

5. Mercure Bucharest City Center

The Mercure Bucharest City Center Hotel in Bucharest is located near the Romanian Athenaeum. It’s a 4-start hotel with a restaurant. It offers excellent services regarding cleanliness, amenities and comfort. Here, you get free Wi-Fi and a fantastic, great modern look. The hotel has prioritized customer comfort, and you can get infant beds should you be in need. Comfortable beds with nice soft sheets and pillows are made available to make sure that you enjoy a good night’s rest.

Visiting Romania is great. There’s a lot about this beautiful country that you ought to know to enjoy the best on offer. The hotels have invested a lot to ensure that their customers enjoy a good night’s sleep by offering big, spacious, warm and comfy beds and pillows, including infant beds. Visit Romania to enjoy the excellent services provided at these hotels.

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