Sometimes it is better to be well informed when traveling to a new country. Especially when you plan to hang out at night, party at a club or drink in a pub. Smoking should also be a concern if you are into this habit.

The change of the smoking law last year might have created some confusion about the liberties in Romania, so here is the update. Since the spring of this year, the year 2016 for those who will read this post from the archives, Romanians are not allowed to smoke in public places. Until the change of the law, in Romania, it was allowed to smoke in bars and pubs as long as those bars and restaurants and clubs had a smokers zone and a non-smoking zone. however, the law changed in 2016 and since then no one is allowed to smoke in public places with at least two walls and a roof.

Read about the event that changed the law

So, you are allowed to smoke on the street and in any establishment as long as the bar or the restaurant has tables outside. No event, as long as it inside a building, is allowed to ignore the smoke free law.

The only closed spaces you are allowed to smoke in are private residences and in cars.

Also, in Romania it is illegal to smoke marijuana, inside or outside. The legal consequences for using drugs are very rough in Romania, so try not to risk it too much.

Smoking marijuana in Romania

Regarding the drinking, in Romania, it is forbidden to drink on the streets. However, if you are decent and not showing off your bottle or draw attention to you, you can drink anything in peace anywhere. Just as long as you don’t make a mess of it.

However, the Romanian authorities are not very keen on fining people for smoking or drinking so as long as you don’t bother or disturb any other person, you are free to do as you please.



  1. Hiring cars ? Is it be cheaper to hire a car in Romania or pre book in the UK,and are there any special requirements other than the usual driving licence and passport.

    • You can pre book one from the UK. I think it is safer to come here and have the car waiting for you. I sincerely don’t know about the special requirements, but I don’t think there are. Just be ready to drive on the other side. 🙂

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