Romania by plane is a project that has been pretty „shady” until 2012. “Shady” as in very high ticket prices, poor travelling conditions and few relevant flights.

However, due to the arrival of different flight companies on the Romanian market, things have changed a lot in the past few years. For example, in 2005 it would have been a real soar to come to visit Bucharest by plane and then wishing that you could also visit other Romania cities such as Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara or Sibiu without taking the road by car.  The roads are not that great to travel by car, no matter how impressive the landscape would be. It can be difficult for a tourist to make a tour of Romania with a rented car. It would have been an adventure none the less, a beautiful adventure, but it would have meant a lot of time consumed on the road rather than experiencing the culture and sightseeing.

Long story short, Romania by plane is now a dream come true. Using trusted websites like (we totally recommend it) you can freely choose your flight to any major city in Romania. It takes little over an hour to get from Bucharest to Timisoara, two cities located pretty far away from each other.


Romania by plane: The flights are well adjusted

So, if you arrive in Romania by plane and you want to visit more than Bucharest, you can now do it freely at really low prices. You can enter website, select the English language from the up-corner on the right and then search for your flights at convenience. You can also purchase the tickets from this website. Please make sure that you followed all instructions and your reservations would be 100% safe.

Main airports in Romania:





  • For the airports above you can find many cost-effective flights linked to Bucharest

There are also other airports in Romania in the following cities. These airports are not that popular this being the main reason for which the prices of the flights and the schedule are pretty high and difficult. However, you may try to find flights for your visit on and maybe you will get lucky:







Satu Mare





When, Where, How Much

For the main airports of Romania you can find flights at any time you want.

The airport of Bucharest from where you can get tot eh most cities of Romania is located in a town nearby named Otopeni. You can get there by bus no 780 and 783, by taxi and by car. It is located at  18 kilometers  from the city center.

Here is an example of prices for the main airports in Romania:

25 september – 30 september 2016 – ROUND TRIP

Bucharest – Cluj-Napoca – 67 EUR

Bucharest – Iasi – 50 EUR

Bucharest  – Timisoara – 46 EUR

So, as you can see, the prices are pretty cheap.

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