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The Wild Carpathia trilogy is an exquisite documentary about the values, the amazing landscapes, the tourist attractions and the people of Romania.

Some say that the Carpathian Mountains in Romania hide the only surviving medieval landscape in Europe. Transylvania, the center region of Romania, appears as a place of myth and legend, a land where the distant howl of the wolf chills the night’s air.  The dark legends surrounding this area are fed by the untouched wilderness that fascinates with its mysteries hidden deep in its core and its genuine beauty.

Wild Carpathia trilogy Romania

The Carpathian mountains are known for being Europe’s last untamed wilderness. The fact that Romania is not as evolved as the rest of western European countries can be a true advantage because Romanian people now have the chance to avoid all the mistakes that other countries did in the run for evolution and comfort, a process in which they forgot about nature. As Prince Charles said, every nation should protect the nature now before it will be damaged forever. People took it for granted so many years without giving anything back.

Wild Carpathia – Prince Charles: I have never seen anything like it

Even though Romania’s landscape can be scarred by deforestation, corruption or even poverty in some areas, it is a great place to be in touch with nature, raw history and the simple life. It is a true experience and, as you may all know, even Charles, Prince of Wales, is fond of the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains and tries to join the battle for vital conservation. It is not only a matter of forests, but also of unique historical villages and pastoral settings that surround them.

Romania Wild Carpathia

„It is truly a challenge. We should, first of all, convince the people of how precious it is. So how do you provide protection and also sustainable development? You can’t stop progression but you can, as much as possible, work with the people who, like others around the world, don’t want to see their environment destroyed. But they do want assurance that their lives can be better.

One of the most common misconceptions of people is that they think that all of this is irrelevant, old fashion or out of date. Only much later they suddenly realize the value of these things. Often, they care only when it is too late. Only after they knocked everything down, One of the most vital aspects here is how you work with the local communities. This part of the world you can’t plow it out. And if you did you would release a lot of carbon dioxide.

These meadows are on european and global level utterly unique. I have never seen anything like it. It is nothing left elsewhere. This is the jewel in Romania’s crown. Maybe people aren’t able to see this now, but Romania is a beautiful country with remarkable people” – Charles, Prince of Wales.

Wild Carpathia – part I

Wild Carpathia – part II – From the mountains to the sea

Wild Carpathia – part III – Wild Forever


  1. Yeah, Romania is a stunningly beautiful place, from the beaches, going to the planes and hills, up to the majestic and, in places, still wild mountains.

    But the main problem is that Romania is inhabited. By Romanians.

    The things that this documentary addresses and especially the recommendations that Prince Charles makes will never reach the politicians and the people that run Romania today. As uplifting and inspiring the words in the closing scenes are, those signals will never mean anything to those in power. In Romania, the power hunger and the desire to make money is so strong and powerful, people will agree to anything to have it, at whatever costs. This is something that is true in every Romanian, from the poor people in the countryside, to the politicians that they elect.

    So preventing the dangers that the documentary points out to, will never be an argument to these people. Whatever they could do to gain a little more power, or a little more money (especially money), they will do it, no matter the damage that they might inflict on the environment.

    It’s sad, but is the type of predicament that you just can’t escape from, in Romania.

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