Getting from the Bucharest airport to the city center is something you will have to do if you choose to travel by plane. For those who like to plan ahead, the Tourist in Romania team wants to give you all the details on how you can get from the airport to the Bucharest’s city center.

The most common way to reach the city from the airport, placed 18 kilometers away from the historical center, is to take the bus. It is safe, easy and cheap. The two buses reaching the city are parked at the arrival area of the airport. There are two buses that you can ride depending on your destination. These two buses are: bus number 780 (north railway station) and number 783 (Unirii Square – city center).

Buy the bus ticket from the Bucharest Airport

First of all, before you choose your bus please buy a ticket. On your right, as you exit the airport’s door, there is a small stall where you can ask a lady for a ticket to the city center. You will receive a card (blue or green). Every time you would step in a bus, tram or trolley you would press the card against the orange boxes inside and wait for a beeping sound. If the beeping sound is long and sharp (rather than short) this means that the orange box couldn’t read the card properly so you have to press it again for validation.

You can also buy a ticket with your mobile phone

Ways of paying for the bus ride from the Bucharest Airport

The blue card:

The blue card can hold 2 to 10 rides for these airport buses: 780 & 783. You have to ask the lady in the stall to give you the number of airport tickets you need. You will probably need two. When you finish the number of rides on this card you can throw it away. It cannot be recharged.

Blue card Bus Ticket Bucharest Airport

The green card

You can also ask for a green card. This green card works like a credit card. You ask the lady to put a sum of money on it. Any sum of money you wish. Then, you will use that card to pay for every ride on the buses of Bucharest. A ride from the airport to the city center, and also for the other way around, is 3,5 lei (about 0,8 EUR). Any other ride in the city is 1,3 lei (about 0,2 EUR) When the credit on the green card is gone, you can go to a similar ticket stall and, again, put some more money on the card.

Green Card bus Ticket Bucharest Airport

Another way to buy a bus ticket for the airport is to pay by phone. You simply send a text (“E780” for a ride on the 780 bus or “E783” for a ride on the 783 bus) to (0040) 7458. The message costs 0,8 EUR and you will pay when you will receive your phone bill, at home. Your ride is validated after you send this texts and only when you receive your confirmation text back.

Text message ticket for Bucharest Airport


Maps for rides to and from the Bucharest Airport

780 ride map:

780 will get you from the airport to the north railway station.

Click here for the map

783 ride map

783 will get you from the airport to Unirii Square (center of Bucharest).

Click here for the map

Line 783 connects the Otopeni “Henri Coanda” Airport with Central Bucharest via the following stops: Airport Henri Coanda Arrivals,Airport Henri Coanda Departure, ICSITMUA, Otopeni City Hall (Primaria Otopeni), AMCO, CFR Passage (Pasaj CFR), Privighetorilor Alley (Aleea Privighetorilor), Metheorogical Institute (Institutul Meteorologic), Baneasa Airport, Baneasa Bridge (Pod Baneasa), Press House(Triumph Arch – Casa Presei), Docentilor, Victory Square (Piata Victoriei), Romana Square (Piata Romana), 21 December Square alias Universitate (Piata 21 Decembrie), Unirii Square 1 (Piata Unirii 1), Unirii Square 2 (Piata Unirii 2) – where this service ends.

The 783 and 780 lines have a 24 hour service, every 15-30 minutes during daytime and every 40 minutes at night,

An alternative for the bus from the Bucharest Airport

If you don’t wish for the cheapest way of reaching Bucharest center, you can simply and safely take an uber. There are about 18 kilometers from the airport to the city center. An uber ride can cost about 15 EUR.

Uber service Bucharest Airport


You can also order a taxi from the yellow devices inside the airport. There you can call a taxi. The service is safe as there are only 200 taxi cars authorised in Bucharest to pick up passengers from the airport. After you selected a cab, you will receive a ticket. Based on that ticket you will get in the taxi you ordered. The payment will be at the end of your trip in lei, according to the taxi’s fare device.

Taxi service Bucharest Airport



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