Bucharest is one of Europe’s cities well-known for its fun side. Maybe in Bucharest you won’t find so many impressive historical buildings or amazing designer stores, but you will surely find how to have a great time and party. An important part of the fun and games side of Bucharest are the escape rooms here. There are many escape rooms in Bucharest: very smart, very intuitive and really exciting.

Therefore, I decided to present you one of the many escape rooms in Bucharest. We, at Tourist in Romania, tried three of them and we want to present you the one that we liked best. At the end of this article, we made a list of escape rooms in Bucharest. They are safe, interesting and all are in the central area. Feel free to try any of them.


Great adventure awaits at the Chambers Escape Room

One escape room we tried and we absolutely loved it was the Chambers Escape room.

Located in the center of Bucharest, Chambers is on of the oldest escape room in Bucharest. It was the second one that opened, as the concept of mystery rooms arrived in Romania.

The owners speak English fluently so you won’t have any problem understanding each other. In fact, the game is in English.


There are two games in the Chambers – one where you have to defuse a bomb and one where you have to escape prison and the electric chair.  We played the second one. The game started with two of us being locked in a cell prison and one tied to the electric chair. The whole purpose of the game was to escape the prison, untie the friend from the electric chair and escape the facility. It is a great mind game where you have to be intuitive, find keys with specific gadgets, listen carefully, walk through a tunnel, make good use of fingerprints and so on. It is a fun game which will leave you talking for hours afterwards.


As the website of Chambers has no English version yet (coming soon), if you ar interested in making a reservation or asking for more details, please feel free to write to contact@chambers.ro.

Here is the address:

Plevnei Road, no 5-7, call 83 at the Interphone

There are also many other escape rooms in Bucharest. We will list some below which have great reviews:


60 Minutes

Rooms Escape

Break Out

Quest Mission

Prices at the Escape Rooms:

One session in the escape room is about 10-15 euros per person. You must pay in lei.


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