Riding a bicycle in Bucharest is not one of the local’s favorite activities. Romanians like to use their cars. However, there is a rent a bike service that meets the need of every foreign tourist looking to make a bicycle stroll along the main boulevards of Bucharest.

So, although the rent a bike offer is pretty scarce, you can most surely pick oneĀ up from the office near the Herastrau Park. It is the greenest area in Bucharest and one of the most pleasant places to have a great time while being in the heart of the nature. You can find the rent a bike office precisely at one of the subway exits from the “Aviatorilor” Station. (near the more famous Victoriei Square subway station).

What do you need to rent a bike in Bucharest

All you need is an ID and money. The service is totally safe so you won’t need to worry about giving them your ID card to make a digital copy. A renting hour is 5 lei. This is the equivalent of one euro. You can rent any number of hours with the obligation of getting the bike back in time.

Olso, along with bikes of all sizees, some of the bikes have trailers and you can safely use this option if you have children under 6 years old.

As we said before, the Romanians are not so keen on riding bikes and there are only a few bike trails in Bucharest. If you choose to rent a bike from this specific office near the Herastrau Park you will see a bike trail and you can follow it to the city center or inside the park. However, if you happen to get outside the marked trail, feel free to ride the bike on the city roads or on the sidewalks. It is a common custom here that the bikes would ride along the cars or between the pedestrians.

Another important tip. Be careful with your bike. They won’t give you a bike lock systems so you won’t be able to leave your bike unsupervised.

Why we considered this the best service in town you may ask. Well, even though it is a human handled system (unlike some other newly introduced systems where you can pick up bicycles from automatic parking spaces) this rent a bike office has many bicycles and there is no chance to be left without one.

The rent a bike service is open from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 7 pm. These are the summer hours. On winter, the service is closed and on spring and autumn the open hours is only until 5 pm. The pensioners and the children under 16 don’t need to pay anything.

Hope you’ll have a great time in Bucharest! Here is the location of the rent a bike office (right at the main entrance to the largest park in Bucharest – the Herastrau park)

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