Vegan Restaurants in Bucharest

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants are pretty easy to find in Bucharest as this city is rapidly adopting a more vegetarian lifestyle even though Romanian people traditionally have a meat based diet. But thanks to globalisation, things are about to change. So, for all you travelers who are looking for a vegan feast you are welcome to try one of the vegan restaurants listed below.

Barca Vegan Restaurant

Barca Restaurant is located in the north of the city, near the biggest park of Bucharest (Herastrau Park). It has good reviews and people say that the food is great.

Vegan restaurant in Bucharest

You can find it with the help of this Google map.

Vegetarian restaurant Satya

Satya restaurant is located in the area of Piata Victoriei. It is also a vegetarian restaurant, but also a Tea House. On their website, they say that there is also a service for SPA and Ayurvedic massage. Satya Restaurant also has good reviews, but the its location is pretty far from the city center.

Vegan resturants in Bucharest

You can find Satya Restaurant with the help of this Google map.

BioFresh vegan Resturant

BioFresh Resturant is a very popular place to hang out in Bucharest. Due to its central location and great service, BioFresh has become in a short period one of the most praised vegan restaurants in Bucharest. As it is near the Unirii Square and the old city center you can pass by and try their delicious vegan food.

Vegan restaurants in Bucharest

You can find Biofresh Restaurant with the help of this Google map.

 Have a great time in Bucharest. Welcome to Romania!

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