Brasov, located in Transylvania region,  is one of the best cities to visit when traveling to Romania. It is the perfect mix between nature, medieval tourist attractions and relaxation opportunities.

Brasov City cable car Tampa Romania

Brasov sign RomaniaSo far, on Tourist in Romania, we presented the story of the Black Church, one of the main attractions in Brasov city. There are many great visiting sites worth talking about in this region. They will all be published on Tourist in Romania website one at a time. For today, we want to present  you the road with the cable car to Tampa mountain peak, the vantage point from which you can see the entire city of Brasov in all its greatness.

If you happen to be in Brasov for a day or two you should not miss the trip with the cable car to Tampa mountain peak – 960 meters altitude. You can also climb the mountain by foot if you want to spend a hiking day.

The cable car and the station itself are very interesting. The station was built in 1971 and still holds the vintage aura of those times.  As you walk into the station in Brasov city you can see everything as it would have been in the ’70s, in Romania, in the communist era.

Brasov city Romania

Going up with the cable car is safe but often crowded. Many tourists come here every day to go up the mountain.

Proof of ancient tribes in Brasov area

The name of the Tampa peak is closely linked to the archeological discoveries made here. It seems that this mountain was the place where the Dacians (ancestors of Romanian people) placed shrines to their God. As the roman invasion reached this region, it seems that the romans transformed those shrines to ones dedicated to Saturn (God of Time). In Romanian language, time is written „timp”. And from this term, the mountain peak got his name as Tampa.

Also, this mountain is a reservation for bears, wolves, lynx, but also rare butterflies and birds.

Brasov City Romania

When, where, how much

To get to the cable car station you will have to walk about 30 minutes from the city center.  It is a beautiful walk, especially in summer. On your way there you can also see the old walls of the city.

Brasov City Romania medieval walls

Brasov City Romania - medieval walls

Here is the map to follow:

Once you get to the cable car station you might have to wait in line. The station is open every day of the week . Monday – 12.00 – 18.00. From Tuesday to Friday – 09.30 – 18.00 and Saturday and Sunday – 09.30 – 19.00.

Brasov City Romania

Brasov City Romania

Brasov City Romania

An access ticket for one person costs between 3 and 4 euros – one way up and one way down.

Here is a map on how to get to Brasov city from Bucharest, the capital of Romania.



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