Dolphins Black Sea Romania

Dolphins are adorable creatures and you can see them in Romania too. Many may not know, but, besides mountains, Transylvania, medieval strongholds and Dracula, Romania has exit to the Black Sea. On the coast line, there are some beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.

Dolphins Black Sea Romania

Along the shore, there are some beach resorts that become really crowded in summer, but they are empty in the cold seasons.

The closest city to the seaside in Romania is Constanta. It is a large city and a very interesting one because, being a harbor, it is, in fact, a mix of cultures and tourists. You can find here great accommodation (not the cheapest though) and have access to the beach, and to popular nightclubs.

If you ever get to this city and, if you like dolphins, there are two ways to see them. One way stands with your luck and the second way with your ticket to the dolphinarium.

Dolphins Black Sea Romania

In the Black Sea there are dolphins, like the Bottlenose dolphin. Sometimes, you may witness their sad death on shore. But other times you can see them playing far away in the sea, especially early in the morning.

Dolphins Black Sea Romania

Another way to witness these majestic creatures is by going to the dolphinarium.

Dolphins, exotic birds and many other animals

The Dolphinarium in Constanta city started its activity in 1972, being the first of its kind in Romania and the first one in the South-East of Europe at that time. The shows are organized in an amphitheatre with a pool, with dolphins from the Phocoena relicta species and Delphinus delphis ponticus species and with seals from the South Pacific.

Dolphins Black Sea Romania

Also, besides the show with the dolphins, in the same area, you can see a collection of exotic birds (even though from my point of view they don’t look so happy in cages) and also a mini reservation with birds roaming free in a micro-Delta touristic circuit. In a large space trying to mimic natural environment you can see, just like in a zoo, zebras, horses, cute rodents like meerkats or squirrels,  lamas, ostriches, kangaroos and other interesting animals. It will feel nice to take a stroll along the paths in this micro-reservation and get in touch with nature.

Exotic Birds Constanta Romania

Prezentare DELFINARIU Constanta pe

When, where, how much

The dolphinarium can be found in Constanta city which is at a distance of 222 kilometers from Bucharest – 2 hours drive on the highway. You can also travel from Bucharest to Constanta by train or even bus. There are many trains, especially in summer leaving the capital of Romania and heading to the seaside.

Microreservation Constanta Romania

After you arrive in Constanta city you will have to get on Mamaia boulevard, no. 255.

Here is the map:


You can watch the dolphin shows in summer weekends – Saturday and Sunday – from 11.00 o’clock, 13.00 o’clock, 15.00 o’clock or 19.00 o’clock. Be sure to get there on time and buy the access ticket about 15 minutes before the show. In the rest of the week there are dolphinarium shows from 11.00, 15.00 and 19.00.

This is the schedule for the summer, from the first day of June to 30th of September.

Animals microreservation Constanta Romania

A ticket for the dolphinarium, the exotic birds display and the delta micro reservation costs 50 lei for adults – about 10 euros – and 25 lei for children – almost 5 euros.

The exotic birds display and the micro reservation can be visited, anytime, every day of the week, from 9.00 o’clock to 21 o’clock.



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