Nicolae Ceausescu execution Romania

Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were shot on 25th of December, 1989. They were executed after a very short trial in a military unit in Targoviste city, Romania. Well, since September 2013, this military unit became a museum. Tourists can now see the very wall where Nicolae Ceausescu was shot,  can walk the hallway where he pleaded for his life, see the beds where the couple spent the last few hours alive and also the trial room. It is amazing, I tell you!

Nicolae Ceausescu guided Tour in Bucharest. The Dictator’s Last Days

Nicolae Ceausescu execution Romania

Ceausescu’s last words before the execution

Ceausescu Nicolae and ElenaThe Ceausescus fled Bucharest during the Romanian Revolution of 1989, but were intercepted by the military. They were executed in Targoviste on Christmas Day following a three-day arrest. Ceausescu’s last words before the execution were: “Long live the Socialist Republic of Romania! History will revenge me!”. He also started singing the international anthem of the communist countries as the bullets went through his flesh.



Ceausescu execution Romania

In the photo above you can see the very room where the trial of the couple took place. Ceausescu and his wife were sentenced to death for genocide, undermining the national economy, subversion of state power, destruction of public property and trying to flee the country.  It took only a minute for the military court to decide the sentence of death.

As you can see in the photo, the accused would be standing right in front, in the corner. The prosecutor was sitting right beside the door, the nearest desk in the picture. The rest of the chairs were for the military judges.

Ceausescu execution

Along the hallway you can see some dummies in uniform resembling the soldiers who were assigned those days to guard the dictator and his wife.

Ceausescu execution Romania

Where did Ceausescu spent the night before the execution

In another room, the tourists can see three beds where Ceausescu and his wife spent the night before the final day. There are three beds because one was for a soldier guarding the two.

It is said that Ceausescu tried to escape by running out the window the night before. Tho soldier caught him and brought him down. Some say that he hit his head in the conflict and that until the moment of execution he was really dizzy.

Ceausescu execution Romania

Ceausescu Execution Romania

In the photo above you can see the wall where the two were shot. There were three military men who pulled the trigger. One of them told a Romanian newspaper that they shot Ceausescu and his wife with over 70 bullets. However, as you can see, only a few got stuck into the wall.

Ceausescu execution wall Romania

Elena’s last wish before the execution

Elena Ceausescu’s last wish was to die with her husband. They were going to shoot them separately but they decided to grant her last wish and put them on the wall on the same time.

Ceausescu execution Romania

Visiting this odd museum was very palpitating as I realized that I was walking the same path on which Ceausescu and his wife lived their horrifying last moments alive. They were forced to walk the hallway you see above, to exit the door on the right and to walk along the building on the path you see below and, finally, to be placed with their back to the unit’s wall.

Ceausescu execution Romania

When, where, how much

The museum opened in the very same unit where Ceausescu and his wife were shot can be found in Targoviste city, at about 80 kilometers from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The road to Targoviste city from Bucharest would take about one hour and a half.

Below is the map on how you can reach this museum if you come from Bucharest. The address is: Boulevard Regele Carol I, no 49.

The visiting hours are: 09.00 to 17.00. A visiting ticket is 7 lei – about 1.5 euros. A tour would be a very short but intense experience. It will take you about 20 minutes at most.

This is the front of the building:

Ceausescu execution military unit Romania

The video of the execution (Explicit content):

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  1. This is an extremely Dark side to history and to an event that was at the near end of the 1980’s as well,as the 20th century! I recall this event,I was in the military,and it was seen as a look back to the Hitler era of the 1940’s. I would love to see this and their burial sites aswell?

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