Rope Street Brasov Romania

The Rope Street (Strada Sforii) in Brasov city of Romania is, according to Huffington Post journalists, one of the skinniest streets on earth.

Rope Street Brasov Romania
“This alley is certainly almost as thin as a cord. Built as a corridor for firemen in the 15th century, it’s just 43 inches wide at its skinniest point. Snuggle through it to find more of old town Brasov on the other side”, Huffington Post writes, also presenting other nine amazing locations around the world with similar features.

Rope Street is now a tourist attraction and meeting spot for locals. Its width varies between 109 and 135 centimeters, and it is 80 meters long.


The Skinniest Streets On Earth

How do you find this Rope Street in Brasov City of Romania

You can walk along this narrow street if you choose to visit Brasov city in Transylvania region. And if you come to Romania looking for Dracula and other legends you will most certainly  pass through Brasov city as it is very close to Bran Castle and also Peles Castle.

So, Rope Street is fairly close to the Black Church of Brasov, which can be found in the center of the city. Here is a Google map so you would find it easier.

Of course, there is no fee for entering and I strongly recommend it if you want to feel the medieval vibe of this amazing Romanian city. Walking down the medieval cities in Romania can be a great experience, cheap and it can also help your mind envision how people lived hundreds of years ago.

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