Rupea Fortress

Rupea Fortress is one of the most interesting medieval castles in Romania.  Guarded by thick strong walls, the fortress is located on top of a hill near the Carpathian Mountains.

Rupea Fortress

The legend of Rupea Fortress: Last king of the Dacians took his life on the hill

Many historians believe that Rupea Fortress was in fact built on old Dacian ruins. It is said that this is the very same place of a very important Dacian settlement.  The Dacians living here were scattered as Romans conquered this crucial ancient fortress. Some say that this settlement was actually the place where, after long and exhausting battles, Decebal, the last Dacian King, committed suicide, so that he wouldn’t fall prisoner in the hands of the Romans. He cut his throat with a single move of his knife.

You can read here more about the Dacian people

Decebal, king of the Dacians

Later, in medieval times, people in the area started rising thick walls to defend themselves against other invasions. In 1432-1437, the Turks conquered the fortress and robbed it. Later on, in 1643, Rupea Fortress burned down. At the end of the XVI-th century, as locals managed to reconstruct some of the fire damaged parts, they chose to surrender to the Habsburg empire without fighting.


Rupea Fortress Romania

In 1716, the fortress’ walls were used as refuge for people who managed to get away uncontaminated with the plague. In 1790, the fortress was forever abandoned after a strong storm that flew away the roofs.

Romania medieval plague

Relaxation at Rupea Fortress

Rupea Fortress was a really nice surprise for me. As it isn’t marketed as much as the Bran Castle is, in some way, more beautiful. As you get there, on top of the hill, you can see all the breathtaking landscapes surrounding the area. Rupea Fortress can easily compete with some other fortresses I’ve visited in Europe. Historians think that over 400 people had lived inside those walls. So you must understand we are talking about a huge construction. If you want to, you can spend an entire day strolling along the stoned paths and visiting all the rooms and houses. The vibe there is so peaceful. You can relax by looking a distance and breathing fresh mountain air.

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The fortress was restored in recent years. In this project historical relics site were rehabilitated, defensive walls were rebuilt, the Gate Tower, the Fountain, the Military Storeroom, the Servants Tower, the Middle Fortress Gate, the Pentagonal Tower, the chapel and four houses.

When, where How much

The road to Rupea Fortress is an amazing one on the coils of the nearby Carpathian Mountains. It near Brasov city (about 50 kilometers) and not far from Viscri, the Transylvanian town Prince Charles fell in love with.

If you arrive there by car you will definitely see the amazing fortress from the road to Sighisoara. Try to follow the touristic signs to it saying “Cetatea Rupea”. You will be pleased to find out there are two parking lots just near the entrance gate with no fee. This Fortress is at mid distance between Brasov City and Sighisoara City.

Here is a map of you can get to Rupea Fortress if you are coming from Brasov City.

The price of the one ticket is fairly low – 10 lei (a little over 2 euros) for an adult and 150 lei (a little over three euros) if you want an audio guide (which I recommend). The audio guide is not with numbers. You press play and walk around. It is best if you could synchronize your steps with the story. If not, press pause and press play again when you get to a certain point.



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