Sphinx of Romania

The Romanian Sphinx is a rock formation in the Bucegi Mountains (South East Romania), in the Carpathians . It lies on a mountain plateau at a hight of 2,216 meters. From a purely scientific point of view we are talking about a 12 meters high megalith that was shaped by the wind into a human head. So, if you observe it from a certain point you can see eyes, nose and lips.

Sphinx of Romania

The legends about the rocks on this mountain plateau transformed this rock into a very visited touristic attraction.

Legends of the Sphinx  of Romania

As local legend goes, this rock could represent a supreme God that was worshiped in ancient times by the Dacians. There are also stories that this so-called Sphinx of Romania was actually an energetic center used by ancient aliens. This mystical aura is really appealing to all the people who are passionate about occult and paranormal science. It’s common to see  groups of people near the Sphinx of Romania holding hands in circle and trying to feel the energy of this place. Some even say that in this point there is a very important chakra of the Earth.

Bucegi Mountains Romania

Another rumour is that somewhere near the Sphinx is a very important secret uranium mine that hasn’t been used since the World War II.

The oldest photograph of the megalith dates from 1900. The name of the Sphinx dates from the year 1935 when the a publication of the time decided to call it this way. Many tourist say that the face of the Sphinx of Romania can be better seen, at sunset, on 21st of November.

Sphinx of Romania Bucegi

There are also some legends that suggest that this face hasn’t been shaped by wind and it was carved by hand, long time ago. According to some theories, the Sphinx of Romania could have been hewn by the Pelasgians. The Pelasgians are thought to be the ancestors of the Greeks.

Daniel Ruzo, a peruvian explorer, launched a theory in 1968. He claimed he had found a link between this Sphinx of Romania, the Dacian people (ancient civilisation that lived here before the roman invasion) and the Markawasi civilisation. He said that he had found some similarities between the Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains and other rock formation in the Andes. Ruzo launched a hypothesis that the humankind time is devided into eras. One era would be, according to his calculation, of 8,608 years. Ruzo said that every era was divided into four solar cycles of 2,125 years each. At the end of every era he said that the Earth is doomed to be stricken with disaster.

Bucegi Plateau Romania

Ruzo claimed that “monuments” like the Sphinx of Romania and other rocks similar to it mark the places where humans should take shelter when the catastrophe strikes. His theories were never acknowledged by the scientific community.

According to another legend, underneath the Sphinx of Romania, exists a hidden 20 kilometers long cave that would be protected by really strong force fields. Some legends also tells that, in 2003, the american secrets services and the Romanian military tried to enter this cave but they couldn’t pass the energy shield.

Bucegi Plateau Romania

When, where, how much?

It’s not complicated to get to the Sphinx. The easiest way to get there is with the mountain elevator. indexThe station is located in Busteni mountain resort. If you travel by car you should be very careful to look for the signs that say „TELECABINA”. On the way from Bucharest to Busteni you should make a left to get to the station. If you can’t find it, ask the locals on the road. This is what I did. You ask the locals for „TELECABINA”. They will most definitely show you the way.

On the other hand, you can arrive in Busteni mountain resort by train. After you exit the railway station you have to make a left and then cross the road. You will have to walk a little until you get close to the exit from Busteni. Then you will make a right and find the mountain elevator station.

There are many guesthouses in Busteni and if you want to spend the night there feel free to choose. Just enter the word „Busteni” on any accommodation finding website.

Going up with the mountain elevator is a beautiful experience. And also fast. Remember to take your time because you will have to get in queue. The price for an up and down trip is 68 lei – about 15 euros. Near the station, there are also some so-called freelancers that will offer you a trip with their cars. It is usually cheaper than the mountain elevator, but my advice for you is to decline the service. They are usually not authorized for transportation and they might try to trick the foreigners. I, for one, didn’t trust them and declined the services. * They can be very persistent. Be sure to say no from the beginning.

Telecabina Busteni Sfinx Romania

(The visiting hours at the mountain elevator – Daily excepting Tuesday: 8.00-8.30 – closed for maintenance services, on Tuesday – 8.00-16.00 – closed for maintenance services. In the rest of the days, it is opened from 8.30 to 15.45. Last ascent – 15.00, Last descent – 15.45 )

Bucegi Plateau Romania

You can also get to the Sphinx of Romania by foot in a 4 hours trip just going up. The path is not that easy. Be sure you are well prepared before going up. It is even harder to get back.

Mountain Flowers Bucegi Romania

There are more things to see on the way up as waterfalls and caves, but I’ll tell you about them in another post.

The Busteni mountain resort is fairly close to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, at a distance of 132 kilometers. It is also very close to Brasov, another interesting Romanian mountain city.

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    The Sphinx of Romania The Romanian Sphinx is a rock formation in the Bucegi Mountains (South East Romania), in the Carpathians . It lies on a mountain plateau at a hight of 2,216 meters. From a purely scientific point of view we are talking about a 12…

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